Tyerrty Atyenh Map

Tyerrty Atyenh Map

(Family Song – Anmatyerr language)

This song was first written at a Music Outback workshop at Mt. Allen community, and has
since been lovingly adopted by Ti Tree, where Anmatyerr is also spoken.

Lyrics by: Caroline Stafford, Anne Stanley & ‘Music Outback’ –
Seini ‘SistaNative’ Taumoepeau
Music by: ‘Music Outback’ – Seini ‘SistaNative’ Taumoepeau & Mal Webb
(C)(P) 2006 Music Outback Foundation

Nhenh Nywek atyenh, Nhenh Mwek atyenh
Nhenh Yay atyenh, Nhenh Kakey atyenh
Nhenh Kwer kwek atyenh
Tyerrty atyenh map, thang arkwem

This is my Father, This is my Mother
This is my Sister, This is my Brother
This is Baby – only one
This is my Family, I love them, Everyone

My family goes swimming
Tyerrty atyenh map kwaty-irrpem
My family goes climbing
Tyerrty atyenh map antyem
My family goes hunting
Tyerrty atyenh map lywenyalhem
My family goes to sleep
Tyerrty atyenh map ankwang ntem