Ooh Brusha

Ti Tree School / Music Outback

“Lakinar Nwerna School-warn Petyem”

Ooh Brusha

(Ti Tree Junior class 2007 & Music Outback: Seini ‘SistaNative’ Taumoepeau & Mal Webb)

Ooh brusha brusha brusha x3
F        G      C
Wash wash wash

C                             F            C
Every morning we scrub our teeth
C                            G            F#
Every morning we blow our noses
F                            C
Every morning we roll up tissue
G                                  C
Into spears to clean our ears

Before recess, before lunch
G                           C
After we go to the toilet
We wash our hands with soap and water
Remember to turn the tap off


And there’s a video too!!  (Warning – cuteness factor = 100%)