Pwek New-warn

Ti Tree School / Music Outback
“Lakinar Nwerna School-warn Petyem”

Pwek New-warn (Anmatyerr Dictionary Song)
(April Campbell, Ti Tree Junior Class
& Music Outback: Seini ‘SistaNative’ Taumoepeau & Mal Webb)

Chorus (English):
For thousands of years
Our stories have been told.
Passed on in our paintings, song and dance.
Now that we have
The Anmatyerr dictionary
We can also teach our culture in a new way

Verse (English):
When our cultures get together
And share what we have in common
We learn what makes us different
And that makes us stronger
Thanks to all the people
Who’ve worked so hard together
Now we can share this book
With each and everybody.

Chorus (Anmatyerr):
Ngkwey anthwerr angkety
Nwernenh iletyart ,
Rntwetyek(a) alyelhemel
Nwern anyenem Lyet
Pwek(a) anmatyerr
Nwern(a) Kalty-irretyek(a)
Nwern lterrk-irrem

Verse (Anmatyerr):
Rrpwerl alhernter thwen(a)
Nyent-irremel kalty-irretyek
Nwengkerr pwert kalty-irrem
Nwengkerr twer-irretyek
Nwern akangkem tyerrty mapek
Mpwarekarl(a) pwek(a) nhenh(a)
Lyet ingkerrekel pwek(a) nhenh(a) read-emeletyek(a)

(Chorus  – English)

Intro: | A  |
Chorus: | D  | G  | D   | A  |
             | D  | G  | D A  | G D | D   |
Verse: | A  | Bm  | G   | D   |
           | A  | Bm  | G   | A   | A   |


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