Baby Animals

Ti Tree School / Music Outback
“Lakinar Nwerna School-warn Petyem”

Baby Animals
( Ti Tree Junior Class 2007 & Music Outback: Steve Berry & Mal Webb)

    G                          D   
A baby Dog is a puppy
    D                         G   
A baby Cow is a calf
    G                        D   
A baby Cat is a kitten
    D                         G   
A baby Goat is a kid

C                            G   
Animals, baby animals
D                                               G   
That’s what we call baby animals
C                            G   
Animals, baby animals
D                                           G   
They all have different names

A baby Pig is a piglet
A baby Bird is a chick
A baby Duck is a duckling
A baby Sheep is a lamb

A baby Frog is a tadpole
A baby Horse is a foal
A baby Butterfly is a caterpillar
A baby Kangaroo is a joey

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